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Biebrza River Valley

  • Wydawnictwo: Oficyna Wydawnicza FOREST
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  • Typ okładki: Twarda
  • Rok wydania: 2009
  • ISBN: 978-83-60450-09-3

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The Biebrza Valley is a natural, landscape and cultural pearl of the European continent, still largely untouched by the hand of contemporary civilization. Shaping the whole region is the Biebrza itself (formerly Bobra) - one of Europe's last never-regulated rivers, which continues to meander like a 150 km snake through tractless marshes.

There is charm here in every season of the year, with an unending cycle of associated landscape changes. The spring floods eventually subside, allowing lush greenery to develop, while autumn features the russets and browns of the dry sedges, the yellow of the reeds and the copper-brown of willow leaves. Winter in turn offers a world snow-white and grey-leaved, but also thankfully green with conifer needles. The beauty of such views alone would be sufficient to draw people to the Biebrza, but there is also the region's unique and diverse nature, culture and history, also presented here in full.